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Neuroinstitut has access to a wide spectrum of different specialists in other disciplines that allow the performance of innovative neurosurgical procedures with the highest level of safety, and which are also adapted and customized to the specific needs of our patients.


Dr Oliver was president of the European Skull Base Society and pioneered the development of endoscopic endonasal skull surgery in Europe for the treatment of skull tumours. With one of the most extensive experiences in this field, he has achieved the best endocrinological recovery rate for pituitary adenomas and complete resection for resecting craniopharyngiomas.


The spine is a fundamental part of the human body and is prone to various conditions that can affect mobility and cause pain. It is essential to seek medical attention if you experience symptoms of spinal problems. Treatment will vary depending on the condition and its severity, and may include physical therapy, medications, surgical procedures, or a combination of these approaches. Our center is highly specialized in these procedures, having the latest technology available for your treatment.

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