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Neuroinstitut is a world-class medical centre for paediatric and adult neurosurgery in Barcelona. We provide high quality neurosurgical care through our team of highly qualified neurosurgeons under the leadership of Dr. Bartolomé Oliver, whose experience extends to more than 20,000 major neurosurgical procedures.


At our centre, every brain and spinal problem can be treated to the highest world standards. Our international practice is based at the Neuroinstitut, which is a leading neurosurgery centre in Barcelona based at the Centro Médico Teknon (Teknon Medical Center), one of the most modern and reputable private hospitals in Europe thanks to the high quality of its medical and care services in an environment that combines personalized care with the support of the latest technology. It is among the 13 Spanish centres included in the general classification of the 250 best hospitals in the world, according to the ratings obtained from the recommendations of more than 80,000 healthcare professionals. Teknon is governed by a rigorous culture of quality management, aimed at offering the best care and patient satisfaction with maximum safety, a distinction that has earned it the prestigious American Joint Commission International accreditation.

Our mission is to care for/restore the health and well-being of our patients, promoting excellent health care. With the patient at the centre of our attention, with the support of highly qualified professionals, the most modern facilities, and advanced technological means. We are an institution that creates a stimulating environment for each team member to give their best in order to achieve the highest quality of service.

Our values

are the pillars that underpin the way we act, work, and do things. First and foremost: the person, the patient. The interests of our patients are our priority. The care/restoration of people's health and well-being is our purpose. We strive to provide safety and peace of mind to every patient, their family, and companions.

We seek the best solution for our patient's problems, prioritizing safety and control to reduce the risk of complications. This encompasses the active phase of the surgical procedure, as well as from the initial contact and through the follow-up period. Closeness to our patients is promoted and maintained throughout the entire process. From the very first moment of information request, decision-making and admission to hospital, to the period after care.

We work to build a close relationship with our patients based on mutual trust, empathy, easy access, and valuable feedback. We understand the stressful situation for the patient and their family, and we are here to answer any questions or clarify any concerns that may arise throughout the process. This has led us to achieve an excellent international reputation in several areas of neurosurgery.

Teatro de operaciones

Dedication and enthusiastic work

Innovation and continuous improvement

Compassionate care

The interests of our patients are our priority.

Close and trusting relationships with our customers



Latest technology and exclusive service

Teknon provides the most advanced facilities by introducing the latest technology and the most exclusive service, including one of the most comfortable room configurations in Europe.



Our team of highly skilled surgeons has a combined experience of over 30,000 surgeries. In addition, proximity to our patients is promoted and maintained throughout their treatment. From information, decision-making and hospital admission to post-operative care.

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