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Marina Martínez Feixas


I am Marina Martínez Feixas, neuropsychologist of the Neuroinstitut team and member number 24,921 of the Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia.

I studied Psychology at the UAB, with a major in Adult Clinical Psychology (2014). Additionally, I completed the Health Master's Degree in Clinical Practice from the Spanish Association of Cognitive Behavioral Clinical Psychology- AEPCCC (2014). I obtained the qualification of General Health Psychologist through the UAB Master's Degree (2016). Finally I specialized in my current area of ​​work, Neuropsychology through the ISEP Master in Clinical Neuropsychology (2019). Currently teaching in ISEP Clinical Neuropsychology Master.

Career path

Cognitive Rehabilitation/Cognitive Stimulation Neuropsychological Rehabilitation aims to compensate, stimulate and improve these cognitive deficits that the individual presents after suffering neurological damage or brain injury (head trauma, cerebrovascular disorder, stroke, dementia, brain tumor, etc.). On the other hand, cognitive stimulation is a therapy that aims to delay or stabilize the deterioration of the different functions that are affected. Neuropsychological Exploration: The neuropsychological examination aims to detect, describe and quantify the cognitive deficits and behavioral alterations that arise from different brain lesions, produced by neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's Disease, MCI, ALS, Parkinson's...), vascular/neurological accidents ( stroke, hemorrhages, hydrocephalus...), trauma, or difficulties in neurodevelopment; as well as the evaluation of preserved functions.

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