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Dr. Antoni Russi


Dr. Antonio Russi, epileptological neurologist, graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona in 1972. He is a specialist in Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology and an expert in Epilepsy and current president of the Spanish Bureau against Epilepsy. He is Director of the Epilepsia Russi Institut, Director of the Epilepsy Unit, of the Electroencephalography Service of the Quirón Teknon Hospital and Director of the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery of Barcelona.


It is worth highlighting in his professional career: Assistant of the Neurology Services of the Hospital del Sagrado Corazón, Hospital de Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza. Internal Neurologist on Duty at the Municipal Neurological Institute of Barcelona by competitive examination. Resident Doctor of the Neurophysiology Service of the Neurology Department of the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona. Neurologist at the Barcelona Antiepileptic Center (1978-1986). He began his private activity at the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (1987). Since 1987, he has been working on the diagnosis and treatment of difficult patients with epilepsy of any age, including a surgery program. He has participated in the organization of various international congresses and conferences in addition to being a clinical researcher of new antiepileptic drugs.

Career path

Dr. Russi is a member of the Catalan Society of Neurology, of the Catalan Society of Neurophysiology, of the Spanish Society of Electroencephalography and Neurophysiology, of the Spanish League against Epilepsy of the International League against Epilepsy (ILAE), of the Spanish Department from the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE), and the American Epilepsy Society. He has been Secretary and President of the Spanish League against Epilepsy and President of the Spanish Department of the International Bureau for Epilepsy. Under his presidency he was responsible for the organization of the V European Epilepsy Congress in Madrid (2002).

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